Thursday, March 29, 2007

2 posts, 1 day

Now that I'm in the techno-robotic-future-sci-fi-web2.0-shpere with myspace, I was inspired to list on Technorati. It's all a little new to me, but I'm all for new. So maybe you're reading my blog for the first time, cool. Honestly, there isn't a lot of techno-talk or high intelectualism here, but I try to post something new each week, usually a new painting or an event that I'll be showing work at (like APE). So check back once in awhile if you like the art!
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APE 2007 & guest blog

I've got a space at APE (alternative press expo) in SF this year, so come on down if you're in the neighborhood and say hey. I'll have lots of prints, original little framed paintings, sketchbooks, and hopefully a few copies of my limited edition mini-book (if I can finish in time!). Should be lots of fun. Check out the APE site here.

Also, I should be featured soon as a guest bloggist on my friends blog at webomatica. He has a really cool bottle cap collection, as well as a collection of very cool websites! Check them out if you get the chance.

Lastly, I've finally joinded the human american experience, and made a myspace site! Don't know why I never did before, lazy, too busy with other stuff, freaky stories from dateline, whatever... So check it out here and be my friend!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

guest blog coming soon

Later this week I'll be guest blogging on my friends site, Webomatica. Cool site and he has tons of other interesting sites he's created (I like bottle-cap-o-rama where you can see his collection of over 1200 bottle caps!). Anyway, check back later and I'll post a link to it, and browse his site some too, lots of curiosities!

Since I haven't posted a picture in awhile, here's one of my newest. I haven't thought of a good title yet, but it looks awesome in it's purple-ish brown bamboo frame!! And anyone around the San Jose CA area, please check out the KALEID gallery at 88 South Fourth St. for some of my original paintings as well as many other artists from the area (including jewelry, paintings, drawings, bags, all sorts of gifty things!).