Monday, May 10, 2010

Fearless... my journey into digital art

For several years I've played around with a little digital art here and there, but never really dove into it. I'm a very hands on person, I love touching the artwork, getting paint on my hands, and using pencils and bushes. But awhile back I was contacted to see about coming up with a digital ibook for the iPad.

I decided to do it digitally so it would be easier to manipulate and animate. After a couple weeks, I really got into it and feel like I'm finding my way to a great style. The book I'm working on is called "Philippe's Wish" and should be out later this year through "ibookkids". It is about Philippe, a dapper little dog who sets out into the night sky to catch a star and make a wish on it. A very fearless little character. Above is a sample of one of the pages.

So thanks for checking it out, and if you have an iPad, watch for the book and I'll put up another post when it comes out!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Mural é finito!

I've been in a cocoon for the last couple months working on this mural for my church. Now that I've finally finished it I'm excited to show it off! It lives down in the kids hall and measures 8x35 feet (approximately, I haven't actually measured the whole thing). Here is the full mural, and a couple sections.

The concept is, from left to right, starting at the Golden Gate Bridge side of San Francisco at night, and spanning across the city to the Bay Bridge in daytime. Along the way are many creatures taking delight in the city - Lombard street (the crooked street), cable cars, sea lions, the wharf, coit tower, etc...

I think I started it in February (ideas started forming in December...) and finished the other day. This was so much fun to create and really pushed me to dive in, so hopefully the joy shows. I would love another opportunity for something like this, so if you need a mural or know someone who does, send me a line and I'd love to give an estimate. Kids' murals or other subjects, I'm open to whatever.

Anyway, hope you like it and if you're ever in SF on a weekend, come by Lighthouse church on 1337 Sutter St. to check it out and visit!