Thursday, July 29, 2010

Double Juggle... or... My childhood knife juggling gypsy hero

When I was younger, the biggest event of every summer was "The Fair". The Nevada County Fair, to be exact. A wonder filled week of smoking carnies, ear bleeding AC/DC and vomit inducing entertainment. You'd see all of your friends, plus get a special peak into the down n' dirty "real world" of the redneck-coon-killin' white trash mullet-sportin-sleeveless-shirt wearin' (because you tore them off to show your muscles... or pit hair) 'Mericans. All the sweaty, dirty, beer soaked, corn dog luvin, metal music mayhem one could hope to dream for in our land of freedom.

And every year I looked forward to seeing the man, the legend, the exotic storytelling magical juggling of Izzy Tooinsky. He juggled knives, balls, played with fire and told fascinating stories the whole time, all without breaking a sweat (and while wearing sleeves on his shirts!). Always a favorite of mine, Izzy was a man from another land, a gypsy like character with incredible skill.

So here is my very quick sketch in honor of him, and the Little Giant Theater. A "double" take on the wonderful magic of childhood entertainment. Perhaps I'll have to do a finished painting in his honor soon.

...On another note, seriously, if you're in LA for the SCBWI conference this weekend, send me an email and let's meet!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Grumpy breakfast

Someone woke up on the wrong side today, tired, isn't hungry, and of course it's a bad hair day. To top it off, oatmeal again!

On a separate note, is anyone out there going to the SCBWI summer conference in LA next week? I'll be there and looking to meet some new friends. If you're going, send me a comment or an email and maybe we can meet up. Would love to met some fellow artist/writer friends from the interwebs!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summertime swim

I've been working on another book for the iPad and it has been shaping up nicely. Lots of fun with animals and a silly story about one hungry elephant. Just wanted to share a little bit of the action!