Friday, September 24, 2010

My new old-fashioned book

My second book is now out and available! Zishe the Strongman, written by Robert Rubinstein, is about the life of Sigmund "Zishe" Breitbart, a poor Polish Jew, who became the featured Strongman of circuses throughout the world. Published by Kar-Ben publishing, who did an awesome job on the text and layout design!

This book was fun to create, and I got to do a lot of research on strongmen in the early 20th century. Check it out here, and soon I'll have some signed copies to sell!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

An Elephant's dilemma

The problem: Elephant is hungry.
The solution: He eats a coconut, his favorite snack.
The REAL problem: There's no easy way to get a coconut, but with friends to help it just might work!

These are scenes from my story, "The Hungry Elephant" which will be available for iPad soon. I think it will be available as a traditional book as well... more on that later. In any case, here he is, Elephant the hungry!

Also, new goal for self, new blog post at least twice a month...