Tuesday, April 04, 2006

my first "trophy" frame!

So I'm almost complete with my first completely hand made, carved and water gilded frame (2 of them actually). I thought I'd share pictures for those interested. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the frame being carved or gessoed, but this first one is of the frame after it was clayed, ready to be water gilded.

This next picture is of the frame in the process of water gilding. The left half is before the gold leaf is applied, just wetted with water. The right side has a piece of gold just applied.

The third picture is the corner of the gilded frame.

Another picture of the corner design.

A picture of one frame gilded (in the back) and one clayed, ungilded.

And finally, the 2 gilded and burnished frames hanging on the wall. BLING!
And just for kicks, here is a water gilded frame that I did "sgrafitto" on in the black panel.
...Finally, another one (gold metal leaf, fake gold) with a painted design in the corner.


ian russell said...

nice work!

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