Thursday, April 05, 2007

Easter and new mini-book

As Easter turns the corner into spring and the cherry blossoms are blooming in full, I am currently finishing the last picture for my new limited edition, hand-made mini-book titled "Thank You Bird". If all goes well, I should be debuting the book at APE in SF in two weeks.

A small book (around 5x7) with a different cover on each one, it is a limited edition (not sure to how many yet, probably around 20 or 30) and is about an old man and his journey through the forest with his friend the raven. A very short book, at around 14 pages, it is mostly black and white with a touch of color towards the end. The image above is page 2.

So check it out at APE, or on my webstore at in the next couple weeks. Have a good Easter and make sure you find all your eggs so you don't have any tasty surprises in next years hunt!

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Doda said...

Great work.