Thursday, January 17, 2008

Painting a week, #3

Yep, so far I'm on track with doing a painting a week. This week, like last week, I was able to do two! This one is a sketch/painting, really, just an idea experiment if you will. The palm tree was just me trying to work out some colors and drawing a palm tree that I'm happy with (they're hard!). It will be for sale at the "WoodyMart" over on Etsy, as well as most of my weekly paintings. So get yourself an original Woody painting for less than 50 bucks! You heard right, the weekly paintings are selling for less than $50!

Except for the moon man. He is the other painting I've finished this week, but to be fair, I've been working on this one for about 3 weeks (most of the time the idea percolates until I'm satisfied with the composition). He's sort of a re-visiting of a painting I did in art school. I wanted to try my new technique/style and had this drawing of a horse that I liked. Anyhoo, here he is...

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Emily said...

so dreamy! lovly colors!