Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Mural... in progress

So I'm still wondering what in the world I did when I signed up to do an 8x8 foot mural. It has been such a different experience for me, a challenge but a in a good way. Downtown Redwood City will have 8x8 foot murals displayed for the month of September and maybe October, starting on September 19th. Several artists are doing murals to go into empty storefronts. Here are some progress photos.

This project has been a huge undertaking, but very rewarding (although, I'll wait to claim success until it's installed and I see it from more than two feet away!). It has really been a good exercise not only for my body (very strenuous painting work!) but also for my mind. It requires a large idea and has given me room to really loose myself in the creation aspect. I will say, I feel a deeper understanding and closeness to God's creation of the universe. As corny as that sounds, it really has given me a different kind of respect for "creative/creation-ness".

While I have painted large before, nothing on this scale. It is something completely new for me, yet very familiar. It requires discipline in adhering to the forms and colors I've laid out, yet I feel very free and liberated to let the creation process unfold organically. New ideas are coming forth as I create and the act of creating itself is leading me in new directions: bringing new ideas to light.

I know many of you would not call yourselves "artists" in the traditional sense, but I strongly urge you to create something in your life. The act of creation brings me a new respect for and deeper understanding of the spirit of our Creator.

Anyway, thanks for humoring me and hopefully you'll get a chance to see the mural finished! I'll keep updating as it comes along and gets installed.

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