Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Meet the Howler's!!

"Meet the Howler's"(published by Charlesbridge), a fun picture book I recently illustrated is getting some good reviews! It's written by the super talented and prolific April Pulley Sayre and follows a howler monkey family through the high tree tops in the jungles of Central America. Written in rhyme, it tells about a howlers' sloppy eating, long naps, and general crazy-monkey-silliness. Here is the review from School Library Journal:

"A whimsical introduction to a family of monkeys. Full-bleed spreads show the animals in action, accompanied by a rhyming text in a large font and related facts in a smaller type. The illustrations, done in acrylic, watercolor crayon, and colored pencil and featuring the active animals against backdrops of lush greens, show the Howlers as they fly from broad green-leafed branch to branch, calling out so loudly the males “can be heard a mile away.” “Woo-hoo-hoo!/AH-UH-OH!” ties the action together as a refrain. The illustrations support the introductory information about the Howlers, their calls, behavior, diet, and habitat, providing a comfortable slice of life for early literacy presentations. A fact page and map are more complex, yet will enhance a one-on-one experience.–Nancy Call, Santa Cruz Public Libraries, Aptos, CA"

Here is a spread of papa howler from the book:

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