Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mr. Fox

I went to see Fantastic Mr. Fox the other day and highly recommend it. If you get tired of formulaic, dumbed down, predictable movies (*cough* Blind Side *cough*), this is for you! Part Raising Arizona, part Royal Tenenbaums, part Wallace and Gromit. I am always so happy to see such creative, original, quirky movies and am glad people are sticking their necks out for such uniqueness. Mr. Fox lies right in that not really for kids, but not quite for adults sector. Perfect for the creative minded adult who never really grew out of childhood (or rather, never fully gave over to 'adulthood'). Wes Anderson has such a personality about him, and his movies are so specific, mix that with awesome stop-motion animation and you have a wonderful film.

A word of warning, it is different, if you know what I mean, but if the thought of an awesome animation doesn't make you excited, go see Blind Side.

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